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GREENLANDS Trail Ride October 2023

A very warm and dry and dusty day greeted the 2023 Greenlands Trail Ride. Setup started at 6am then the ride from 10.30 am to track ALLCLEAR at 4pm Saturday. Then Sunday ride begun at 8.30am until Track All Clear at 3pm. Very successful 2 days with many of the club involved. At base we have Neil VK2GAN, Carinka VK4ZOE and Alan VK4XAC. Radio Point 6 Lurch VK4HL club President and Greg Vk4AGT, RP 9 Lew VK4LEW Saturday and Emu VK4SUN and Daughter Sunday, RP16 Dave VK4HDE Saturday and John VK4EJP Sunday, RP22 John VK4EJP Saturday, RP23 James VK4VS. Now follows photos from those days.

A great Two days had by all. A very successful ride. Well done team!!

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A clear and crisp morning greeted us all on the 4th March 2023. The team made way to all our stations in the very early hours of Saturday Morning.

Here are some photos from the field.

The Southern Cross greeted us all.
A perfect Dawn
Radio 1 setup Alan VK4XAC
First Riders
Feed Station Active
Radio 2 John VK4EJP
The Hilton of Setups
All Day Setup – very well organised
Radio 3 setup Dave VK4HDE
Ready for action
And action came almost to the doorstep.
Last group with our mobile station in constant pursuit.

Hoffy VK4OY

A Great Day had by all.

Words by Alan. Photos Alan, John, Hoffy and David.

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Greenland’s Trail Ride 16 and 17 October 2020

An excellent two Days was had by all.

We had a great team, On base Philip VK4AWP, Neil VK2GAN, Geoff VK4AGS and Hoffy VK4OY. On the remote stations, Lurch VK4HL, James VK4VS, Tony VK4TLA, Burnie VK4LFD, David VK4HDE and Alan VK4XAC.

First the Setup Day Friday 16th October

David, Burnie and Lurch
With James and Tony

Base setup complete.

VK4XAC at far end of track near a dam with High Gain 2m antenna if required.
On the Day, BASE, buzzing with activity and excitement.
LtoR Geoff, Neil, Hoffy and Philip.
Tony on Station at the separate Novice Track
Alan at track side at far end of track
The Bikes just kept coming
They were having fun!!
and more fun!! There we no major injuries but quite a few breakdowns and pick ups for the recovery crews all arranged through our radio network around the track. All worked very efficiently. At the end of the day everyone was happy that another Bike Ride had been so successful.

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Acacia Plateau Antenna September 2020

The Antenna Team, James VK4VS, Lurch VK4HL, Dave VK4HDE, Nigel VK4UA, David VK4DH, Neil VK2GAN, Tony VK4TLA, and Geoff VK4FGGS, set off real early to the Plateau Repeater site. Reason, to lower the old antenna from the shed roof. A very successful exercise.

On the Roof
Good advice and directions with ALL the right gear, SUCCESS!!

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