JOHN MOYLE Field Day 2021

JOHN MOYLE Field Day – 20th March 2021.

The TEAM – David VK4HDE, James VK4VS, Lurch VK4HL, Hoffy VK4OY, Tony VK4TLA, Steve VK2SJJ.

Lurch VK4HL and James VK4VS

The SETUP – Again, this year, David was host of the JMFD on his high-altitude property, at 940m. Both James and Lurch assisted David in the setup on Friday afternoon. The orange club tarp was stretched between two trees over a wire rope. Tables were setup and batteries and generator.

Front to Back Hoffy VK4OY, Tony VK4TLA and Steve VK2SJJ

On The Day – Lurch and James decided to setup a gazebo a little further away due interference. They setup 40m on a TS 130s with a switch for a vertical and dipole antenna. David had his Alinco on 80m through a dipole and teamed up with Hoffy. Tony has his IC9100 working on 20m and 15m through a 20m OCF and teamed with Steve for the first session. All radios at 100w.

Lurch VK4HL and James VK4VS great team work.

The Action

80M        61 Contacts         VK4HL/VK4VS           80 M Dipole   100W    Kenwood HF Transceiver

40M        56 Contacts         VK4HDE/VK4OY       40 M Dipole/Vertical   100W    Alinco HF Transceiver

20M        11 Contacts          VK4TLA                    20M OCF       100W    ICOM 9100 all band

15M          2 Contacts          VK4TLA                    20M OCF       100W    ICOM 9100 all band

Total  –    130 contacts or 260 points for the six-hour block from 0400Z (2PM EST – 1000Z (8 PM)

Tony VK4TLA with the Aviator Morse setup

Tony did try the aviator morse setup with quite a number of CQ’s. The contact he tried to copy was another station on computer generated morse at about 60wpm. Unfortunately, not really copiable to the human ear.

The Might Alinco in action

A highly successful John Moyle Field Day, and a lot of fun to boot.

The Kenwood TS 130s never missed a beat.

Photos taken by the Host of the Day, David VK4HDE.

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