The Border Ranges Amateur Radio Club Incorporated, was formed to support the interest of Amateur Radio throughout Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland high country.  We operate three Amateur 2m repeaters, 70cm links.  We have been structured this way to ensure the best access to radio sites and to support radio communications throughout the region.

Our clubhouse is located at Eudardo Verri Park, on Wallangarra Road in Stanthorpe, Queensland. It is the main site for all meetings and general club activities.

About the Shires and Surrounding Areas

Tenterfield Shire Council & surrounding areas – see the wiki at Tenterfield Wiki and Tenterfield Shire Council Wiki

Southern Downs Regional Council – see the wikis of Stanthorpe & Warwick & Southern Downs Regional Council


Many thanks goes to the following people in relation to this IRLP and Repeater/s

  • Doug, VK4DW for the huge assistance with time and supply of quality equipment to breathe life into the regions repeater/s
  • Nathan, VK4DDT for supplying the commercial site/tower/feeders on the Mt Mackenzie repeater
  • Paul, VK2PT for installing and maintaining the repeaters
  • Mark, VK2UMA for the 70cm link at Acacia Plateau
  • James, VK4VS for the 70cm link, supplying APRS equipment at the clubhouse, tuning cavity filters Repeater setup and trouble shooting and much general knowledge
  • David, VK4HDE for the shed site at Amiens
  • Lurch, VK4HL working with James in set up and trouble shooting
  • Philip, VK4HPW for maintaining the internet link in Warwick
  • Alan VK4XAC and Ian VK4PSI for maintaining this web site.
  • And many more Amateurs that have helped the club along the way, there are too many to list!