Are you currently an Amateur or looking to become one, then BRARC welcomes you to become a member of the club.

Membership 2022
Membership is currently $20 (initial join fee) + $30 (yearly fee).

If you join during the year, the subscription is pro-rata the number of full months to the end of the next February.

New members will receive the Club’s new Cap (or hat) with the logo upon.

We welcome you to contact and chat with one of the committee members on how to become a member of BRARC.

Members benefits include:

    • Maintain the costs of the Clubs Amateur Radio Repeater systems
    • Exams and study options
    • Monthly Meeting Notes and Newsletter
    • Special discounts on the new HOT club shirts, hats and other items

Membership Application



With an improved constitution with input from members and other clubs, BRARC was incorporated in March 2009.

DOWNLOAD – BRARC Constitution 2009 updated Feb2022pdf

Schedule of Fees