The John Moyle Team, Ian VK4PSI, Peewee (Dave) VK4HDE, Lurch VK4HL, James VK4VS, Burnie VK4LFD and Alan VK4XAC, had a great Field Day. We set up on the Friday afternoon, and secured against the Friday night storm. We all progressively arrived late on Saturday morning. The BRARC came second nationally in the middle 6 hour block, 2-5pm and 5-8pm Local, last year. Our goal this year was to improve this position. We were set up on 80m Ian, 40m Peewee and James, 20m Alan, and 15m Lurch and Burnie.
This year Peewee had the most active band on 40m. He worked tirelessly for the 6 hours and achieved 68 contacts. 80m with Ian did real well with 20 contacts. 20m with Alan had 15 contacts, and the band was up and down like a yoyo. Then the Woodpecker (OTHR) decided to wipeout the whole band at S9. I could just here some Europeans coming through complaining of the same noise and going QRT. So the OTHR was loud all over the world, not very nice OTHR!! 15m with Lurch and Bernie had 18 contacts. The Band opened well and then, fell basically silent for the last 4 hours.
We all supported and encouraged Peewee, fed him food and liquid, to keep his energy up for the high work level he encountered. We were all busy at different times, and that is the Fun of this John Moyle Field Day. Great comradery and lots of Radio Fun.
Our setup was with Dipoles. 80, 40 and 15 were specifically cut to a workable frequency and low SWR, and all worked real well. The 20m was a G5RV. We had tuners to allow for full band width use, and this did work well. All radios were used bare foot and worked at 100w with our 15m at 200watts. Power came from a Generator, and all stations had a battery setup. We tried this year to run one station, 80m with Ian on Battery Only. Three batteries worked for the 6 hours, and was a successful experiment.
We all had a fun John Moyle Field Day 2016, Great Friends and Team work, Great setup, Great Food (Thank you Girls) and Great Radio.
Photos to Follow.
( Alan – VK4XAC Reporter)

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